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Battery Doctor (Power Saver) Ad-free v6.26 Apk is Available !

Manage battery life and extend battery life with Battery Doctor 

Best software to extend battery life – Shredded version without ads

Battery Doctor is known as one of the most powerful and best-known software for increasing and optimizing battery life for Android phones, which has become one of the most popular apps in its category thanks to the positive comments made by many users on the PlayStation site. Has been.



  • Disable unnecessary apps that consume battery power
  • Ability to close programs running in one click
  • Close programs when the screen is off
  • Display remaining time to empty the battery
  • Show remaining time to charge the phone
  • Have battery power saving mode for work, class, sleep and …
  • Has 3 modes for charging the phone
  • Change Wi-Fi status, data, Bluetooth
  • Smartphone brightness control
  • CPU management (for rooted phones)
  • Display the battery temperature of the device
  • Supports more than 15 different languages
  • Simple and user friendly appearance

According to the rating given on the PolyStore site, Battery Doctor is definitely one of the best and most powerful applications for optimizing and extending the battery life of Android phones. With the special settings, you can use a longer battery life on your Android device.

In the past, not long ago, only the use of a cell phone was making a call. At that time, the phones did not have the ability to make calls. In such a situation, a smartphone’s battery could have been charged for a relatively long time to users. Little by little, with the introduction of smartphones, one of the problems that users have always paid particular attention to is the amount of battery that the smartphone has. In smartphones, the battery is very quickly empty due to its many uses (such as surfing the web, sending messages, using messengers, viewing videos and photos, taking pictures, etc.).

As we said, this has become one of the most fundamental problems for users. Programs that have been optimized for extended battery life have also somewhat resolved this issue. One of the best and most effective of these programs is Battery Doctor, which we have prepared for you on this newest version this time.

By using certain settings, Battery Doctor can optimize and extend the battery life of your mobile device. For example, when the screen brightness is too high and you do not need it, the Battery Doctor program can reduce the amount of light that is appropriate for the environment, thus reducing consumption to a certain extent. Find out The ability to turn off Wi-Fi or Internet data when you do not use it is one of the other things the Battery Doctor program provides users with to reduce battery usage.

The listed items are only part of the features that are featured in Battery Doctor, and the program has many tools and capabilities that you can use.


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