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Battery Widget Reborn 2017 v2.4.6 Apk is Available !

The Battery Widget Reborn displays the widget

Selling for $ 2.4 at Polestore

Earn 4.7 points on Google Play

Widgets are considered as a very practical gadget on mobile phones, which, while small, have a lot of performance, and you can use them with a lot of them on the screen. One of the most powerful mobile widgets is the widget that displays the battery status of the phone, which can display the remaining battery charge for your device.


Features :

  • Display the battery widget circularly
  • Dimensions in 4 sizes
  • Quick shortcuts
  • View full battery info

Battery Widget Reborn is a professional and advanced widget for Android phones that you can use to install it on your mobile phone. This widget will show you the ability to see the percentage of battery charge. Solutions like turning off Wi-Fi, adjusting the screen brightness, turning off the vibration, and so on. The widget also employs a longer battery life. You can get this widget directly from th site.

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