Strategic Game and Online Battle Islandss

High graphics details and attention to the design of the models 
Competitive gameplay in the style of strategy games 
Studio Studio 505Games Srl

The game we want to introduce to you is an awesome online game called Battle Islands, which is very similar to the games in the Boom Beach category. In this totally online game, you will manage and command a military base, and you must defend your military base with your war strategy and timely attacks your enemies, which are the other players in the head. Head to the World Go ahead.

Download the game Battle Islands Android


  • Ability to build jeep, tanks, boats and aircraft
  • It has the ability to build a garrison for upgrades
  • Excellent strategic and strategic gameplay
  • Ability to compete online with global players
  • Game storage on Google Play
  • Fantasy and attractive graphics
  • Natural and special sound
  • Ability to upgrade types of buildings and forces
  • Loot the property of enemies

Introducing and reviewing the game Battle Islands

The Battle Islands game is a strategic and completely online game developed by the 505 Games Srl gaming company in the United States. The game was previously announced for the Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles, which was made by the makers decision to create a special mobile version. The Battle Islands game on the Google Play site has a high download rate of five million and a score of four out of a total of five points, and is made for devices running Android and iOS.

This game with attractive and fantastic graphics and awesome sound like Boom Beach can keep you entertained and engaging for so much more. Like the unique game of Boom Beach, at the beginning of this game, players will be taught basic skills such as defenses and attack patterns, and then they will be assigned to a primary military base. The storyline shows that your people landed in the South Pacific in 1942 and are attacked by enemy forces.

They are then temporarily deployed on a small island to prepare for defense and then attack the enemy. In the Battle Islands game, you need to manage and upgrade a military base that you have delivered to you with a fast, battleship and strategic strategy game. In this game you have to control the land, the air and the sea and build a garage of the best people and fight against enemies all over the world.

Note: There is no guarantee of the correct execution of the Battle Islands gameplay and other similar online games. Even in some cases it is not expected to get stuck. Please download at your own risk the downloaded version with the probability that it will not run correctly and the risk of being banned.