Passion Blast Bee Brilliant Blast

Bee Brilliant Blast is a very fun and entertaining arcade puzzle game developed and produced by Tactile Entertainment Inc. for Android systems. In this game of thought, by connecting the colorful lines of the shaped bees, they blow them up and earn points so that you can pass the steps one after the other.

Bee Brilliant Blast

Bee Brilliant Blast features

  • Includes over 1000 challenging stages
  • With simple touch controls for removing bees
  • Simple operation and drag lines to link the bees and remove them
  • There are several groups of bees with a new design
  • Has bees such as guardian, witch, and so on
  • Has a diverse, attractive and colorful location
  • Addicting gameplay

More than hundreds of challenging stages are included in the Bee Brilliant Blast to challenge yourself in the face of a variety of personalities such as a witch, a sergeant, and so on. The overall features of this fascinating game include a wide variety of different bees to save and free, play in a variety of different backgrounds without repeating, drawing colorful lines and creating powerful combinations.The gameplay is such that you have to remove any colored home from each bee and get different awards, such as hive hives, and more.Remember, the more bees you release, the more you will win the higher points and you will get more valuable awards. Exciting sound, diverse gameplay and valuable awards have added to the excitement of the game, causing a lack of uniformity for gamers to continue the process.