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Big Hunter v2.3.2 MOD Apk is Available !

Big Hunter Big Game Hunter

Big Hunter is a game of action and amazing that is made KAKAROD INTERACTIVE Game Studios. This game could get 4.3 out of 5 rating and have nearly 10 million downloads. The gameplay is so attractive is the ability to entertain you with items and different features is capable of. Interestingly, the game seems able to attract more than 138 thousand people.

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Features :

  • The ability to control the game to be easy
  • The possibility of hunting for a dynamic physics
  • Simple but attractive graphics
  • Have a different subject in the game
  • Has nearly 100 challenging stages
  • View points achieved in different networks

About the game Big Hunter

In this game you are in the role of the head of a tribe of starving people in drought and are you as big tribe to hunt mammoths are going to kill one of his people will much joy to be. A variety of game to hunt mammoths are that you have to hunt as chief. To increase the fun of the game, you can implement various ways and with various tools and weapons to hunt it go. The gameplay is engaging and in Yh van will cause the game to finally play in front of your enjoyment in mind that a game is FUN and interesting as well.

Big Hunter 3

Big Hunter 2

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