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Always on, we have been working to introduce software that is not only worthwhile, but also very scarce and introduced in fewer web sites. This time, we also intend to introduce a very valuable application called , a program that can be used by anyone with a car.This software is able to display the location of the speed control cameras as well as the locations where the red light is there. That way, you will never commit an offense.


  • Instantaneous alert using radar camera
  • Supports over 47,000 speed control cameras worldwide
  • Guiding warnings for all fixed speed cameras
  • Automatic update every 5 minutes
  • Display visual and audio alerts
  • Show Limit Limit Limit and Base
  • Simple alert tools
  • Online and offline mode
  • Ability to listen and view radar
  • Landscape mode
  • Run in the background

PLUS version features:

  • Speed-confirmed camera alerts
  • Run in background and widget mode
  • Landscape mode and 90 degrees of the surface of your phone
  • Supports HFP-Bluetooth

As you know, many times it happens that you have seen an increase in the amount of your car offense, while you do not remember, you’ve even made such mistakes. These days, due to the presence of speed control cameras in different places, sometimes it happens that because of overtaking, bypassing, speeding, etc., our speed control cameras are fined, and this amount is offset The car is added. But with the program, you do not have to worry about this, since each time you hit the speed control or traffic light camera, it’s already known to you before you can drive properly.

Using the software every time you approach a speed control or traffic light camera, this will be alerted through audio and video announcements. The ability to display the speed allowed to navigate the path you are in is another great feature of the program.This application supports many speed control cameras around the world. Note that the Plus version of the app has more features than the regular version.