The latest version of Blocky Car Racer for Android

Android racing games can be a great car racing game if you are in a car ride , giving you the opportunity to enjoy your fun and excitement.

Blocky Car Racer is an Android racing game developed and published by the mobadu studio. In this fascinating game you have to play different cars in different modes and finish the exciting stages of the game. The gameplay is very fantasy and beautiful design and throughout the game you can see different colors and play environment Very happy and colorful. You also have the option to choose different cars and you can choose any one you want for the race. Different modes of play are considered, each of which has its own challenges and charm.

Blocky Car Racer Download attractive blockbuster racing game

Blocky Car Racer features

  • Display the angle of the camera from 4 different directions
  • Three different car types from small to large
  • Ability to create animated images from different parts of your game
  • Ability to share animated images
  • Excellent sound and real sound engine selection
  • The attractive design of cars and buildings
  • Three different modes for playing like racing, endless and demolition
  • Urban traffic with different cars
  • Possibility to use nitro
  • Ability to use manual brake
  • And other features

The most important features of the Blocky Car Racer game are the various modes of play. In this way, you can choose from one of three completely different modes to play. The first racing mode in which you must be at the highest speed and in the best possible time without any crash and collision on the route to the destination and win the great record in the tournament. The second mode of driving is endless, in which you can freely rotate in the city and experience the different challenges of different locations.

The third mode, one of the most exciting modes, is the mode of destruction . In this fascinating way, you must hit the car at any given time, and you can continue your journey. By dealing with other cars, you can even blow them up and earn more points. The gameplay is also very attractive, and the use of nitro and handbrake is provided for you.