A completely safe version of the game offline

BloodWarrior to English “bloody fighting” a game Swords RPG for Android Game by Game Studios Pancakegames CO., LTD design and free to download publications. You can play this game offline. The game has so far downloaded nearly 5 million downloads in Google Play.

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atributies :

  • Having attractive 3D graphics
  • Access to various weapons and ammunition
  • Take advantage of NPS powers
  • Possibility to run 145 stages of the game in different environments
  • Play in two hard and easy modes
  • Possibility to group together with 20 other ones
  • Ability to play in 3 Time Attack / Boss Raid / Explore Mode mode

Introducing BloodWarrior

The world is destroyed by evil forces and as a veteran soldier you are going to protect the remaining people and powers of your city and travel to various environments to destroy your enemies. Having various powers in the game will save you a dream savvy with powerful enemy forces that you can use to destroy your enemies. 145 stages of the game will surely entertain you. Now add the new feature of the game to the game. Now what gameplay is waiting for you. It’s a new feature of game environments that you can run and enjoy all stages of the game in new environments. The game graphics are designed as HD and 3D.