Patchy and new Bluelight Filter for Eye Care for Android

Blue Light Filter is an essential software for all phones and tablets 
Support for Persian language 
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Be kind to your eyes …

If you’re constantly working with your phone and tablet, you’ll notice that the glare of the screen too much fades your eyes. This is due to the presence of excessive light blue on the screen. The Bluelight Filter for Eye Care software reduces the color of the screen to make your eyes less tired and less pressure on the eyes.

Blue Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Blue LED filter features

  • Prevent pressure from the eye and take care of it
  • Blue light filter with natural color
  • Easy to use
  • Get started automatically
  • Turn on and off quickly and easily
  • It has 5 color filters

We recommend that you install Bluelight Filter for Eye Care to prevent long-term damage to your eyes.

Note: By activating the blue light filter software, the “Install” or “Install” option is deactivated, which should temporarily disable the filter to resolve it. You can use the program menu in Stats Load to enable and disable the filter quickly.