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BlueStacks v0.10.7.5601 Rooted Simulate Routed BlueStacks for Windows


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Features BlueStacks:

  • Android games and applications for Windows and tablets
  • It has all the features of Android
  • Supports many Android apps
  • It has high graphics and HD
  • Award at CES
  • The app syncs
  • Allows backup of programs and data stored within the phone on the computer
  • Has Gdjt for Windows
  • Internet connectivity

An example of the application (implementation of the popular game Clash Of Clans in Windows)

BlueStacks 0.9.4


  1. To run the program requires a system with at least 2GB RAM and CPU core 2 will also upgrade your graphics card driver to the latest version of the software should run without a problem.
  2. To install games and programs should Apk files to HD-ApkHandler.exe by applications that are installed open the program to automatically be installed.
  3. Version placed entirely Root and Root and SuperSU has full access.
  4. Net framework 3.5 is required to install this program up.
  5. Before installing this version, the previous version will be completely removed and restart Windows.

Installation Guide (quoted from P30Download):

Installing Android applications (with extensions APK) in software BlueStacks:

1. Download and install the software BlueStacks.
2. Run the install file with the APK file and automatically installs the desired application or game.
To access the installed applications can run them through the Apps folder on the Desktop.

Direct access to SDCard software BlueStacks: (to copy files and Data)

  1. First, install a file manager application, for example, ES File Manager
  2. Fully exit the program.
  3. BlueStacks photos and files you want to import in the directory C: \ ProgramData \ BlueStacks \ UserData \ SharedFolder copy.
  4. Enter BlueStacks and ES File Manager application.
  5. Look for BstSharedFolder folder. (This folder is usually in storage / SDcard / windows are located.)
  6. BlueStacks copy all the information that you must see this place.
  7. Photos and information that you want to use their programs to the folder of your choice.
  8. Click and hold on to a small menu will appear and click on Copy.
  9. Press the UP button to go back one step (usually SDCard).
  10. Through Menu -> Operation -> Paste to copy your data here.

– If you want to install a particular game that has its own Data File, Data File will be according to the copy in the correct location.

View a list of changes

Whats’s New:
Mods By KTSamy:
BSEasy Root (CWM Superuser for Compatibility)
Google Play Games is included since most people uses Bluestacks for Gaming
Bloatwares removed to make it adfree
BSEasy SSettings removed since latest version of Bluestacks itself has a better settings app
General and downloading files:
  • File Size:278 MB |116 MB
  • Need Android:Download the version for Windows and Mac

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