The latest version of the Bluetooth Volume Control app

Different people use Bluetooth headsets and headphones to make calls or listen to their favorite tunes, which can be used for different things by coordinating with each other on their Android device.

The Bluetooth Volume Control app is an excellent app for people who use different Bluetooth headphones and headphones to do things differently. If you use any of these Bluetooth devices for a particular task, you will naturally specify a different volume for each use. But each time you set the volume again to connect these Bluetooth devices, it will be very difficult to work. If you make a mistake or forget it, setting it up may miss the call or you have to regain your phone and set the volume setting. But with the help of this app no ​​longer needs to be done, and with just one adjustment in the app, every Bluetooth device will always have its own volume setting.

Bluetooth Volume Control Download the sound app for any Bluetooth device

Features of the Bluetooth Volume Control application

  • Use the Internet to report program errors
  • Use Bluetooth to communicate with other Bluetooth devices
  • Set volume for each Bluetooth device
  • Separate setting for the volume of the song and the volume of the call
  • Perform one-off settings and apply automatically and continuously by program
  • And other facilities

As stated above, the Bluetooth Volume Control app is an excellent app for people who use Bluetooth devices such as headphones and headphones for various applications throughout the day. With the help of this program, you can save different volume settings for each Bluetooth device individually and will automatically adjust the settings when connected to the device. The volume of music, media and voice calls will be determined in a completely separate way so you can experience the comfort of using the app.