The latest version of BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker

There are various indicators for calculating human weight that help you to understand your general condition and see your need for weight loss or increase. One of these indicators is the BMI.

BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker helps you calculate your BMI according to different conditions. You can first define your condition, such as age and gender, then calculate your body mass index by giving the numbers you want, the height and weight of your body mass index. Then you will find out how your body is and you should think about weight loss.

BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker Download the Weight Loss and Weight Loss Android app

Features of BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker

  • Quick calculation of BMI
  • Calculate based on age and gender
  • Save the history of the calculations
  • Give stats about your indicators
  • Ability to calculate body fat percentage
  • Ability to calculate calorie intake
  • Remember the ideal weight for you
  • Adjust the desired weight and reach it
  • And other facilities

Another feature of BMI Calculator & Weight Loss Tracker is the ability to calculate body fat percentages. The program also provides you with a small health calculator that helps you calculate your body weight, such as calorie consumption and waist circumference. All your calculations are also stored and will be logged in the form of various charts. You can also carefully check your weight gain or weight by registering your weight in different periods.