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Bomb Squad Academy v1.1.6 Apk is Available !

The latest version of the Bomb Squad Academy game for Android

Bomb Squad Academy is an awesome Android game arranged and released by Systemic Games, LLC. As the name suggests, this game is going to enter the bomb neutral squad. Hourly bombs are dangerous weapons that explode after being activated at the specified time and destroy everything. You will deal with these bombs in this fascinating game and you must work hard to thwart them. Cutoff in the wrong direction, or a misspelled key causes the bomber to explode and you will miss the chance to continue.

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Features of the Bomb Squad Academy

  • An attractive arcade game
  • Good design
  • Easy gameplay
  • Very nice 3D graphics
  • Exciting Bomb Detection
  • Charming Challenges
  • The complexity of the structure of the bombs
  • Very good sound
  • Different and multiple stages
  • And other features

As stated above, Bomb Squad Academy is an awesome Android game that will be installed and run by the bomb disposal team. You must try to thwart any bombs at your disposal. If you fail to do this, you will be faced with a huge explosion and you will lose the game. You will also have a variety of tools to disassociate the bomb, and you have to cut off the wires and make changes to the bomber circuit. The stress of the game will be high and you should think and act quickly. With the advent of the game, you will also encounter more complex bombs that are more difficult to neutralize.

Screenshots of the game or the program
The official game trailer or program


Check IAP Receipts is launch and make sure Full Version is properly unlocked if not.

Download files with direct link

Apk Size: 95.62 MB

Mod Size: 100.99 MB

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