A fun bombing game for Bomber Friends 

More than 50 million downloads from Google Play

Possibility to play in 2 and 4-player mode 

Bomber Friends is an awesome and entertaining game for Android, which in the short term has been able to attract a lot of fans. This game has a lot of fun and interesting gameplay that will undoubtedly make you addicted to yourself.



  • Play online and multiplayer for up to 2-4 players. Challenging friends or confronting casualties
  • Campaign mode with more than 100 stages. Find your way through 3 different worlds filled with different monsters
  • Contains classic-style controls for touch screens to control the game
  • Collect different powers during the game
  • Character customization with interesting and spectacular hats
  • There are various bombs to play

Bomber Friends is an action-style game where you become a bomber person. In this game, there are different types of bombs that you need to put them at the right place and time to eliminate the extra walls. In this game you can have up to 4 people or more. This way you can challenge your skills with your friends. There are also various power options available to the users when they play, which you can not use. You can get this game directly from the Aps site.