The BombSquad Android version of the game

More than 10 million downloads from Google Play

BombSquad is a fun and awesome yet addictive game for Android, which allows users to play in multiplayer mode as well. In this game you will use grenades to destroy your enemies.



  • Designed perfectly with stunning graphics
  • Very addictive and attractive gameplay at the same low volume
  • Personalize the characters inside the game
  • Improving the capabilities of the characters who are in the game

BombSquad is a very entertaining and engaging game with great gameplay and an appealing environment for Android phones (first of all it’s been released for the IOS operating system), which can be a fun timepiece. In this game you have to throw grenades at your enemies and destroy them.

Similarly, you can get more points. The environment of this game is beautifully designed and includes very interesting little games that make these small games make the game more beautiful. You have the ability to upgrade the character inside the game and you can increase his skills.

One of the main features of the BombSquad game is that it can support up to 8 players. You can do this by using the keyboard, USB game pads, Wii controls, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 classes.