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Bowmasters v1.0.8 Apk is Available !

Exciting and compact Bowmasters game 

Very attractive and lovely gameplay 

Another product from the famous Miniclip company 

Bowmasters is a very cool and appealing game from the famous miniclip company. As you know, the Australian company started its work in 2001 with the release of low-cost games (initially powered by SWF flash), and until today, when it’s been 15 years since the company’s popularity, it’s still a tradition He is taking his old days and giving the games a little. The game of professional archers is no exception to this, and it runs as a compact game in the genre of action. Logically, the game has the same gameplay as the previous mini-clip gameplay.

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  • 30 awesome characters with unique characters
  • 31 different types of weapons to fight
  • The killing of characters with puppet physics like
  • Memorable duels with your friends
  • Play in different modes, shooting to birds, fruits and …
  • Defeat the enemies in the duels plus get the money
  • Get different rewards for your skills
  • Two dimensional gameplay is very interesting and fun

Introducing Bowmasters 

Bowmasters will feature characters that work professionally in archery. In the game, you must throw the beams to specific targets that are located in different places, with the help of the arc which is left to you. Of course, you can throw objects unexpectedly and differently into targets, and you are not only required to throw a shot. The game runs in a variety of ways, such as hunting birds, or shooting into fruits, which each mode takes on a particular challenge. There are a number of obstacles on the way that make the game more challenging. You can also undo the various characters and arrows in the game.

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