New Game and Action Brothers in Arms 3 Android

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Note: If the game does not run offline, connect your internet connection and try again. 
Note: Tutorials for fixing license issues have been added to the content.

Brothers In Arms is another masterpiece of GameLoft’s famous gaming company. If you are interested in action games and games, you should not miss this fantastic game. As you can guess from the name of the game, this game is in gunfire and group styles, which you should not only have to take care of yourself. Take care of your own groups as well. This game is one of the most popular first-person games in the world war that eliminates the gamer.

Brothers in Arms 3

In the game Brothers in Arms 3 you will appear in the role of soldier in the game, which with Yaranta you must go to war with enemies in this game, you must also take care of your lives in addition to your life because you lost them definitely At the next level, you will have many problems. The weapons you possess are relevant to the World War and give you the sense of time. In this version of the game, the graphic design of characters has changed a lot and is more quality. If you want to give a simple description of the game, it should be said that like watching a movie in Sinai that depicts a world war, superb graphics and extraordinary sound … give you an unforgettable experience.

atributies :

  • Use of high graphics and low-level simulation
  • Various classic weapons
  • Group play and natural sense of most scenes

Learning to fix the problem License:

Before describing this problem, it should be noted that this is a problem related to the game itself, which is due to the IP checking over the Internet that has been launched for Iranian users. To solve this problem, we recommend the best solution. In this solution there is no need to download the data file and even the installation file:

1- If you download and install the game, erase the installation file and its data.

2. Find the game in Google Play and enter it. To do this, you can use the Play Store app yourself or find the page on your Google Play page via the link below on your phone or tablet: