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Button Mapper: Remap your keys The latest version of Android on the top of this post is the name of a fantastic software to change the function of Android hardware buttons.

From these hardware buttons, you can click the Volume button, the Home button, the Back button, and the Recent button (Recent Popup Buttons). With this software, you can change the function of each of these buttons individually and one by one, and even use them to run your favorite software. You can also double-click or long-click the function and execution of the commands a few times.

Examples of Software Functionality:

  • Long press the volume down button to turn on the flash for flashlight
  • Double-tap on the home key to run your favorite software
  • Long touch the home button to turn off the phone screen
  • Long press the high volume button for direct call or direct SMS to your favorite contacts
  • Use the volume buttons to increase and decrease the page light