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C Locker Pro v8.3.1 Apk is Available !

Lock Screen C Locker Pro

Patchy version of the app

C Locker is an awesome and beautiful looking Android smartphone that offers many options for personalization and allows you to quickly make the changes you want.



  • Has a variety of widget apps for quick access
  • Get notifications from Facebook, Google+, Watts, and more.
  • Feed feed from news sites like (CNN, BBC), displaying battery information
  • Calendar events and events display
  • Full customization of the Lock Screen environment with different items
  • Have volume control for songs and manage them in the Lock Screen
  • Having over 30 different programs from each other
  • Displays Missed Calls, New Sms and Gmail Notifications
  • Insert a password to open the Lock Screen
  • Put the Wallpaper and Wallpaper on the Lock Screen
  • Unlock sounds and turn off phone screen sounds

The screen saver is called a screen when you lock the phone. This page makes it possible to personalize and use the various programs provided in this area, you can customize this page and change what you want. One of the same lock-in locks is the C Locker, which allows you to change this page.

C Locker has plenty of options to personalize this page to fit your taste. Various widgets are provided for the convenience and speed of the user’s work in the C Locker, which you can place on a screen saver. The ability to display various announcements, including Facebook, Gmail, SMS, Mises, etc., is also included in this screensaver, so if you get any of them, you can see them without unlocking the screen.

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