CALCU ™ Stylish Calculator is a stylish, functional calculator

CALCU ™ Stylish Calculator is a simple and stylish calculator for daily calculations with a stylish interface that has been designed and developed by Designer Calculators for Android smartphones. With this software, you will have all the scientific knowledge you need for work and school and with the unique features that you can customize to fit your needs and needs. This program, all the functions of the normal calculator and Provides science in a simple, stylish and easy to use application.

CALCU ™ Stylish Calculator


  • Beautiful and intuitive user interface with navigational control and navigation
  • Visibility of immediate results of calculations after entering functions and numbers
  • Simple access to the screen and see history with just a touch
  • Ability to customize the page and personalize their features
  • Possibility to create user-defined constants
  • Has 12 stylish and awesome themes

The CALCU ™ app feature allows you to add or remove the constants that you need to create your favorite calculator. Also, CALCU ™ Stylish Calculator is fast and easy to do with everyday accounts and at the same time it has all the functions of the engineering calculator you need.Other features of the app include instant view of your computing immediately after entering information, saving your computing history, various keyboard layouts, customizing buttons, selecting 12 beautiful and stylish themes, and more. It’s worth mentioning that the beautiful and intuitive user interface with navigational control and navigation along with ordinary and scientific calculator functions can easily meet the needs of the user and make a major step in its popularity.