The latest version of Call of Duty Heroes Android

The style of this version of the game is strategically 
The game is online 

Points on Google Play: 4.6 out of 5

Call of Duty Heroes is a new series of popular and popular Call of Duty games, which are the ultimate challenge in this version of the game. In this three-dimensional strategy game, your role is commanding an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and devastating drone. So try to equip your base and equip your special and elite troops to counter the enemy’s professional training and make your base strong and impenetrable so that your soldiers’ coverage will prevent you from defeating the enemy to your soil. Now it’s your turn to get ready for the attack. Control over heroes such as Price, Soap and Harper and try to win and achieve different achievements and overcome the enemy.



  • Trendy strategic style with realistic three-dimensional graphics
  • There are a variety of drone and drones in the game
  • Ability to build different buildings to defend themselves against the enemy
  •   The ability to attack teams and groups towards the enemy
  • Amazing HD graphics and awesome gameplay
  •   Great sound

Note: A new version has been published.