Automatic Recording of Call Recorder – Automatic

Maybe it’s time for you to ask someone for advice or telephone conversations for the various reasons at the necessary times, and then you would like to save and record the recorded sound for later periods as a reference. But it’s interesting to know that this will only be possible with a professional software. In the meantime, according to numerous software applications that have been released for Android for Android, the company has named a new comprehensive program called ” Call Recorder – Automatic” to record voice conversations, and it can certainly be One of the best sound recording apps.

Call Recorder - Automatic


  • Ability to automatically record two-way conversations with simple operation
  • Support for 3gp, amr and wav formats for storing conversations
  • Possibility to select the soundtrack for the recorded sounds as desired
  • The ability to store voices recorded in the RAM space on the phone memory
  • Support for various widgets and create shortcuts on the home screen
  • Has a simple interface with acceptable and fairly good compatibility

With Call Recorder-Automatic, you can record and then store all conversations in two-way high quality. With a variety of applications, the software will help you easily record all the different voice calls, including call inputs, outgoing calls, and more. They are also formatted Save it.The program has a highly customizable interface designed to allow you to select specific contacts to save conversations.