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Call Recorder PRO-ACR premium v26.5 Apk is Available !

Call Recorder Call Recorder – ACR Android

Premium and Full Unlock

Call Recorder – ACR is a powerful and excellent program for recording telephony. This software allows you to record conversations in two-way mode and you will not see any promotions when used.



  • Equipped with a tool to search for recorded conversations
  • Ability to sort and sort by date
  • Ability to automatically send conversations recorded to email
  • Automatic deletion of older recorded conversations
  • Ability to encrypt and lock on conversations
  • Has various settings for storing sound and determining the quality
  • Supports cloud spaces to save conversations

The Call Recorder – ACR program is completely free. This software allows you to record high quality conversations. You can find the file you want with a simple search among the files. The ability to sort recorded files based on their recording date is included in this app.

You can send recorded conversations automatically to an email you have already entered. The Call Recorder (ACR) application is capable of removing old recordings recorded after a specified date. Call Recorder – ACR supports cloud computing so you can automatically upload recorded files to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

Note: If there is a license problem, use the dedicated patch to fix the problem.

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