Call Recorder Application for Samsung S9 Call Recorder Galaxy S9 | Total Recall

Call Recorder Galaxy S9 | Total Recall The most popular audio and video recording application, this time for owners of Samsung Galaxy S series and Note, which was successfully developed by the successful Killer Mobile company. This application is for recording MP3 audio and using official mp3 codecs, you also have full control over the location and method of recording the sound.

Call Recorder Galaxy S8 | Total Recall


  • Ability to record conversations to MP3 format using MP3 codec
  • Full control over the location and how to store recorded items
  • Capable of recording all calls and numbers in specific or manual calls
  • Ability to protect audio files with password for privacy
  • Having great criteria and support with full flexibility
  • Possibility to fully monitor the location and method of recording with new and professional tools
  • It has a simple and very smooth interface without any defect

It’s worth noting that Call Recorder Galaxy S9 | Total Recall , also supports other Samsung Galaxy S and Note phones, and will bring a new breakthrough in your phones. All features of the program include recording files in MP3 format, the ability to adjust the storage location of recorded files, the ability to record and save all calls automatically, full monitoring of the location and method of recording, rename and edit them, Criteria and excellent support. Protecting your password for privacy is also possible in this app. With a simple and stylish interface, it has made it possible to fully control the location and how to store recorded recordings and to record professional two-way conversations. And auto-take. In general, this software makes it possible to record voice calls with a comprehensive and comprehensive management.