Latest version of Call Recorder | Total Recall FULL Android

This version is full and has no small limit on use

Call Recorder | Total Recall FULL Introducing the latest version of As in this post is another software application for recording two-way conversations for Android. This software is one of the oldest and most popular recording software, even the icon of the software for memorable and memorable Symbian phones! This software has the ability to record conversations bilaterally for rooted phones and untwisted handsets. In this link, you can see the list of phones supported by this program and the handsets that need to save the conversations.


Features of Call Recorder | Total Recall

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  •   Start recording conversations automatically or by user command
  • Capture in different qualities
  • Use as Voice Recorder
  • Create a Widget on the home screen to record audio with a hint
  • Remote recording command via SMS
  •   Smart naming of the recorded file
  • Send recorded file through