The newest version of CamCard – Android Business Card Reader

Pro version and full unlock

If you receive a large number of business cards from different stores daily and you would like to manage all of these cards and have their information on your phone, CamCard – Business Card Reader will provide this opportunity for you.

CamCard – Business Card Reader is a scanning and OCR business card application that easily reads the information on the card and stores it in your phone after splitting it. It easily recognizes and categorizes call numbers, website addresses, emails, addresses, and more.


  • Save the business card image and categorize it
  • Read the information on the business card
  • Ability to store information in sink and phone accounts
  • Ability to edit information
  • Capable of adjusting camera features while shooting
  • Insert the vCard image as the contact’s image

This program easily identifies English texts and scripts, but unfortunately it still does not recognize Persian texts and Farsi numbers, but it’s still not a good idea to use it since you can contact information in the form of a Enter it manually. To enhance the accuracy of OCR, it is best to disable the camera when shooting flashy flash cards.