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Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker Pro v2.0.8 Apk is Available !

Camera blocking and protection against spyware Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker

Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker is one of the top security and unique security and security protections that ProtectStar Inc has designed for Android smartphones. By using this secure program, your unique system protects your Android device’s camera and blocks it by preventing spyware from stealing your information, because if there are any suspicious items Or unauthorized use of the camera by other software is notified to the user and the camera device is disabled. The device’s deep and accurate scan system for detecting any threat in this app is admirable.

Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker


  • It has a deep and accurate scan system to detect any threat
  • Block and protect the camera if you see a suspicious activity type
  • Ability to limit the activity of Trojans, hackers and spyware
  • Ability to identify types of spyware and malware
  • Possibility to list camera access apps
  • Ability to password protect software
  • Add some apps to whitelist
  • It has a simple and unobtrusive interface with low program volume

As you know, with the proliferation of Android apps everyday, spyware has also grown tools that among them, of course, spyware that uses the device’s camera to steal information is a favorite of hackers and blackmailers. . But afterwards, thanks to the innovative programmers, the Camera Guard ™ Webcam Blocker has come to the Android market to overcome this problem and make you unnecessary for other similar applications. In this software, with one click of active protection, the camera will be blocked and all programs and processes that try to access the webcam from the smartphone will be disabled. Also, any security breach will be reported with a signal. To prevent tampering and to increase security, you can apply individual settings to the program with a protection pinset. Support for both front and rear cameras simultaneously, as well as having a white list for free software is an excellent example of this software. The application is low-volume, with a very simple interface.

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