Picture and video editing application on Camera MX

Camera MX is a powerful and complete software editor for editing images and videos on Android phones. Camera MX is known as a popular movie and image editing application, which has received more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play site and has won 4.2 out of 5 in Google Play. This software is completely free and allows you to easily capture the images.

Camera MX v4.6.154 Unlocked Download Cinema X X.

With this app and its proprietary camera, you can capture beautiful and beautiful photos and videos. With the help of various effects such as HDR, Lomo, mirror, kaleidoscope, auto optimization, overlays and textures, as well as custom options such as brightness, photo + video rotation, contrast, color temperature, aspect ratio, you can take the photo you want. Provide simplicity. With this program you can cut the videos exactly from where you like. You can remove the best part of the videos and save the same in your mobile phone.

✔ For simple functional appearance

The simple and elegant appearance will allow users to capture and take photos and capture beautiful photos and movies in an attractive environment. Also, the appearance of the program is designed so that users can instantly communicate with it and can use it.

✔ High quality images

The Camera MX app is designed to allow you to experience the ultimate in the quality of your photos. This software is capable of providing you with high quality photos.

 Edit images and videos

Using the various tools included in this software, you can easily edit your pictures and videos and create awesome and beautiful images and videos. Using various effects like HDR, Lomo, mirror, kaleidoscope, auto optimization, overlays and textures , as well as using custom video and photo customization tools such as changing light and adjusting it, rotating the image and video, adjusting the contrast, adjusting the color, aspect ratio And … you can create a unique movie or photo.

 Providing proprietary photos

You can choose the mode you want for different modes. For example, for the production of selfies, photos at night, solar, snow, etc., each one has a variety of modes that you can use to make a good, high-quality photo.

 Manage files

The ability to view videos and photos provided is another feature of the powerful Camera MX program, which allows you to fully manage all the images and movies on your phone.

 Compatible with the tablet

Camera MX software is compatible with a variety of tablets. This means that the software can be used in a variety of resolutions, and you can easily use it on a variety of Android phones and tablets.