CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator Professional Scanner Scanner

Full-featured version with all features

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator is a scanner application for Android, which allows you to capture various documents using your Android camera and then convert it to PDF by crouping it. This program requires you to buy a scanner without any need, and you can quickly capture any document from any document and scan it to the best quality with the professional tools in the program.

CamScanner Phone PDF Creator v5.4.0.20180228 Download Scanner Software

CamScanner features

  • High quality professional scanner
  • Auto-cut pictures
  • Automatically adjust the brightness of scanned images
  • Upload and share pictures
  • Scan without page restrictions
  • Accurate search functionality
  • Save as PDF
  • OCR English Text Capabilities (Photo to Text Transformation)

With the scanner software, you can convert your documents and images to a PDF file. This can be especially useful for scanning pamphlets at a university. Scanner apps have become very popular these days, and they are very useful.

CamScanner is an excellent and professional scanner for Android, which lets you scan different images. After capturing the documents, you can cut extra sections and save the original image in PDF format. You can get this software directly from the site.