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CamScanner v4.5.0.20170216 Apk is Available !

Professional Android Application scanner CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

The unlocked version of software

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator is a program the scanner for Android by which you can use your Android phone camera photos of documents and then Krupp find it, it will convert to PDF.


Features :

  • Professional scanner with high quality
  • Automatic Cut pictures
  • Automatically adjust the brightness of scanned images
  • Upload and share images
  • Scan unrestricted pages
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Save as PDF
  • English text OCR capabilities (converting images to text)

Using scanners can convert documents and images to PDF files. This is particularly to scan pamphlets at the University can be very useful and efficient. Scanner apps are very popular these days and have found them to be very large.

CamScanner scanner app for Android is an excellent professional who uses it will be able to scan multiple images. After the capture additional sections of documents can crop and save the original image to PDF format. Then you can use this software to gets directly from the site.

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