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Car Launcher Pro v2.0.4.50 Apk is Available !

Launcher for Car Launcher

Special offer for driver

Premium version of the app

Using the phone while driving can be very dangerous. Even if you want to make a simple call, you must first unlock the phone then look for the contact application or call section on the phone and contact your contact after finding the contact. It takes a relatively long time to do so, and while driving for even a second, neglect can be dangerous. But if you have to drive a lot during the day, you should look for a good option, as surely it will happen many times overnight that you need to use your mobile phone.

Car Launcher


  • Option to place the main shell through the home screen
  • Run applications quickly by placing them on the home screen
  • Ability to edit the list of programs that are in the launcher
  • Quick access to the list of all programs
  • It has 3 very nice themes to choose from on the phone’s home screen

The Car Launcher is a beautiful launcher for Android smartphones, which, in addition to its appealing and beautiful looks, is also great for driving time. This launcher can provide quick access to the main parts of the phone. This way you can access the main applications you need on your phone’s home screen and use them quickly when driving. This launcher has an attractive and unique look that you have never seen in other launcher brands.

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