The latest version of the Car Mechanic Simulator 18 for Android

Cars are made up of different parts and pieces. Failure to find any of these parts can harm the correct operation of the machine. But a good mechanic can easily find and fix the problem.

The Car Mechanic Simulator 18 is an Android simulation game developed and published by PlayWay Studio. In this game, you can enter into a workshop environment and become a skilled mechanic. Old and new cars will be handed over to you with various bugs and you will have to find and fix them by opening and testing different parts. You can change different parts of the car or sell healthy parts.Different parts of the car will be shown to you and you can see the car’s structure.

Car Mechanic Simulator 18 Download Mechanic Simulation for Android

Features of the Car Mechanic Simulator 18

  • Complete simulation of the repair shop
  • Become a great mechanic
  • Repair different old and new cars
  • Attractive and fun gameplay
  • View different parts of the car
  • Replacing different car parts
  • Selling reconditioned cars
  • The possibility of painting cars
  • Repair of engine, chassis, gearbox, exhaust and brakes
  • And other features

Other features of the Car Mechanic Simulator 18 include the possibility of repairing different parts of the car, such as motor or apparel.You can sell and repair machines that are fully repaired and ready to use. The possibility of painting the car and repairing its appearance is also provided. The gameplay is also very attractive and you can see all parts of it by entering a part of the car and repair or replace the items.