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WhatsApp Messenger v2.18.333 Apk is Available !

Powerful Messenger WhatsApp Messenger Download WhatsApp Messenger for Android – WhatsApp Messenger is considered one of the most powerful and best Android messengersthat allows users to communicate for free for users. In Watteca, the ability to make voice calls is also included, which allows you to make high-quality calls. Features of Android Watts Free and free of charge for users Ability […]

Moment Pro Camera v1.3.10 Apk is Available !

The latest version of the Moment Pro Camera app The Android operating system has a variety of applications within its own system and offers users. But never your hands will be closed and you can easily find and install any program in any field you want. The Moment Pro Camera app is a professional wide- screen photography application that lets you capture images […]

Light Manager Pro v12.4.9 Apk is Available !

The latest version of Pro and Cracked Light Manager Pro Light Manager Pro is a very user-friendly Android application that lets you customize the color of the warning LED for various events on Android. Alerts like lost contacts, SMS, social networks, email, battery, Internet, Bluetooth, and more. The unique feature of this software is that there is […]

AccuWeather Platinum v5.6.2 Apk is Available !

AccuWeather Platinum weather app An application from Accuweather.com Full version of the program atributies: Notify snow, ice, rain, wind, or lightning Alarm notification with orange sign on screen for alert Showing 15-day weather forecasts Weather and climate videos, in both English and Spanish Sharing on social media Customizable color themes Weather Forecast in your custom […]

Wiz Note v7.8.1 Apk is Available !

New version of Android Wiz Note If you remember, today we have introduced some Android note takers on the site, all of which are available in the site’s archive. In this post, the intention is to introduce another software application, called Wiz Note, which gains for 4.6 points on Google Play and is curious to experience […]

MEGA v3.4.1 Apk is Available !

Mega Cloud Mega MEGA Application Mega-MEGA is the name of a cloud service that offers 50 GB of free space. Unlike other cloud services by the client, this service encrypts or disables file encryption and is not allowed by users. Mega service has attracted a lot of users and has won a lot of popularity. The Mega builder […]

GameGuardian v8.68.0 Apk is Available !

Hack and cheat on Android games with Game Guardian Game Guardian Possibility to change and increase values ​​in the game  Compatible with Android 5.0+ Game Guardian is similar to the Game Killer for Android smartphones, which allows you to cheat the games. This program allows you to convert different values ​​in games (such as money and coins) to your […]

CONNECTION v1.2.1 Apk is Available !

The latest version of the CONNECTION game for Android A fascinating arcade game for measuring IQ The CONNECTION game is an awesome brain teaser game for Android, released and released by ∞ Infinity Games, which has been featured ever since. As the name suggests, this is an awesome brain teaser, you need to be in touch with it. At each stage […]

SHAREit Ad-Free v4.5.68_ww Apk is Available !

Latest version of popular SHAREit software Shredded version without SHAREit ads Up to now, we have introduced several software to send and receive files via wireless such as Zapya , Superbeam, and more. In this post from, we are going to introduce another unique SHAREit software, which is also very well-developed. And there’s a lot of fans and great […]

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