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One ++ Scientific Calculator v1.5.6 Apk

One ++ Scientific Calculator program “Scientific Calculator” is an application that is useful for various scientific groups, as applications can be and have been made ​​by Sascha Haubold. One ++ Scientific Calculator for the popular and often require users as well as having a good user interface and many features can be one of the […]

PicsArt – Photo Studio v5.11.1 Apk Download

Features: Import photos from the camera or from the gallery Editing tools include: rotating, regular cutting, manual and under various forms, horizontal or vertical reverse Dedicated camera with features like exposure, contrast adjustment, creating effects and various other settings Storage, sharing and the ability to directly set the background image Add balloons text in different […]

Infinite Painter v5.2.31 Apk Download

Software features are as follows: 6 layer with unique personalization features excellent Carefully brush designed to create natural images There are 5 different types of symmetry Storage layer for ease of use the photo in Adobe Photoshop Importing images from a search engine, gallery and camera It has a nice user interface optimized for touch […]

Aqua Mail PRO v1.6.0.1-5 Apk Download

Features : Popular email services such as Google and Yahoo automatic and … Supports a large number of email services with standard protocols IMAP, POP3, SMTP Quick notification Upon receipt of the email Sync drafts, sent, and deleted messages. With other e-mail programs Attached storage memory They display a widget counters email Interaction with the […]

Pushbullet Pro v17.3.2 Apk Download

Features: The ability to share files and links between two devices. Support for many different devices Receive notifications on the computer even before ringing phone The ability to share files and links with friends Ability to send and receive text messages by computer Replying to text messages such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger through Instant […]

Custom Quick Settings v1.6 APK

Custom Quick Settings v1.6 Apk Add applinks, web links and custom toggles to your quick settings without root (on Android 6.0, root is required on Android 5.0/5.1) using Custom Quick Settings. Key Features:- Add as many quick settings as you like to your stock quick settings Custom titles Custom icons, chose from over 1,200 icons […]

Hide pictures KeepSafe Vault v5.5.11 APK

Hide pictures KeepSafe Vault v5.5.11 Apk Look through your photo gallery and choose thepictures and videos that you want protected. Once you upload them to the KeepSafe image locker, you can delete them from your regular photo gallery. Key Features:- Clean and simple design Easy-to-use PIN pad access Upload photos and videos from your regular photo […]

GoSexy Face and body tune v3.0.0 APK

  GoSexy Face and body tune v3.0.0 Apk  Enhance your pictures and photos to look beautiful,skinny, slim, fit and taller on your beauty photos. GoSexy is an enhance booth for your portraits, selfies, facie andselfie. You can alter the shape of your photo. You will have natural-looking and amazing results. GoSexy offers much more than classic […]

Open Mic+ Donate v5.5.1 APK

Open Mic+ Donate v5.5.1 Apk is Google Now becomes more conversational as after a search just say Okay Google to start a new one. And even better get the answers to your questions while your hands are tied, or when you’re on the couch, or in the car. Open Mic+ will run in the background […]

Force Touch Detector v0.5.4 APK

Force Touch Detector v0.5.4 Apk  is possible to distinguish ordinary touch operation from deliberately Force Touch because there is a distinct difference between these touch area. By checking whether a touch event is started from Force Touch, you can change the action of the touch. Open launcher when you do force tap that is a […]

iShredder Enterprise 3.0.4 PRO APK

iShredder Enterprise The new iShredder Enterprise Edition You’ll want to destroy all the files on it first – without a trace with military grade security. Before you sell or give away your device, you’ll need to make sure that all your personal files on the device have been blitzed beyond recovery. It’s easy to restore […]

Undelete Master v1.7.4 APK

Undelete Master v1.7.4 Apk can recover deleted photos, images, files, SMS, contacts and WiFi passwordsin your Android phone, completely eliminating the need to constantly backup your data. Key Features:- Supports mainstream volume formats, including FAT,EXT3,EXT4. Can undelete images, photos, videos, audio, documents, SMS, contacts and more. The recovered images, videos, audio and archives can be […]

Bass Booster Pro v2.4.1 APK

Bass Booster Pro v2.4.1 APK takes auto-equalizing to the next level ! “Once you get into exploring its awesome depths, you will be surprised to see how hard-hitting and legitimately utilitarian it is for all music lovers.” Pro features Unlimited custom presets Widget (2×1) Preset auto-detection Profiles homescreen shortcuts Tasker Plugin Virtualizer Music visualizer Reverb […]

Echofon PRO for Twitter v2.5.0.0 APK

Echofon PRO for Twitter v2.5.0.0 Apk – is Wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface, Echofon for Android packs a punch, featuring gorgeous desktop widget, instant notifications, light and dark color themesand more all the Twitterfeatures you need. Key Features:- Full-featured dashboard widgets Sync between all your Echofon apps on Android or iOS devices so you […]

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