The newest version of the most popular CCleaner software for Android

Speeding up the phone with Android clearing – cracked version of the C-Cliner and unlimited

CCleaner Android Cleanup is one of the most popular and powerful optimization software ever released, and has long been the Android version of this software. If you suffer from a lack of memory and a flaw in the RAM of the phone with additional files, install this application.

CCleaner Android Cleanup

Features of CCleaner Pro Android Cleanup

  • Speed ​​up the phone and reduce battery consumption by deleting unnecessary files
  • Ability to clear and remove software and games cache and browser and histories
  • Ability to delete Call Logs and SMS
  • Installed on the phone and tablet
  • Ability to create more free space on your phone by deleting unwanted files
  • Your Android Smartphone is powered by a single click
  • Absolutely free and no adware
  • Ability to check the amount of RAM and CPU and battery temperature and report to the user

C-Cliner is a professional tool for clearing Android

CCleaner software has the ability to remove unwanted files on the phone. This will increase the speed of your cell phone. The ability to clear the cache of programs, downloaded folders, browser history, text stored in the clipboard memory, etc. is also provided to users in order to increase the speed of applications. The C-Cliner software also has the ability to clear the history of contacts and SMS.

The CCleaner program is able to give you complete information about the status of the phone memory and the amount of space occupied by it. You can uninstall several apps that you do not have. Also included in this software is the ability to clean the space of the phone from over-used and unused files.

The ability to monitor and monitor hardware is also another feature of the powerful C-Cliner program. This software lets you display the amount of CPU consumption. There is also the ability to monitor the amount of pressure on the RAM device is included in this app. On the other hand, you can monitor the battery status like the remaining charge.Read Also..

The C-Cliner software is capable of fully optimizing your mobile phone with just a few clicks. This app is designed with a simple look and it’s very simple to use. The other thing about the CCleaner program is its negligible use of the hardware resources of the phone. You can get the latest version of CCleaner software with a direct link from the ApkTops site.