The best two-player chess game online Chess Time Pro – Multiplayer

As you know, chess is a well-known and unsophisticated game of the world today, and it can be called a double-ended game played on a flat plate using beads called Shah, Minister, Rok, Elephant, Horse and Soldier. Be introduced. Due to its popularity, this fascinating game is still able to make designers make it for smart systems. One of the most powerful and exciting games in this field is the same Chess Time Pro – Multiplayer , in which you have to compete live and real with online users around the world. The game has been designed and published by the Haptic Apps LLC Studio for Android platform.

Chess Time Pro - Multiplayer


  • Ability to apply settings to select opponents from countries in your world or region
  • Compete with other users from around the world online and offline
  • Save motion and share it with your other friends
  • Being able to chat and talk with your rivals during the competition
  • The ability to invite your friends to compete in the game
  • View your game history and your progress chart
  • Very simple and engaging gameplay

In this fascinating game, you can play live or online with different users from around the world and test your power of mind. You can also extract and save your moves and share them with your friends on various social networks. In this popular game, in addition to participating in online chess contests, you can chat with your opponent in real life as well. There is also the ability to apply settings to select opponents from countries in the world or your region, and then by clicking the invitations button, you get an incident that you can enter into your exciting competition. Other unrivaled features of the game include the possibility of playing online and multiplayer with your friends, chatting with rivals, viewing game history, good design and …. The simple user interface, along with other unrivaled features of the game, has generally been able to offer a unique, well-designed, memorable game.