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Chicken Shooter: Crazy Invader v1.2 Apk is Available !

A fun game to shoot chickens Chicken Shooter: Crazy Invader

Special version for Android OS

Designed by Chicken Shooter 2017

Nostalgic with gameplay and attractive

Chicken Shooter is an old game attractive for Windows was released many years ago and through highly engaging and fun gameplay that was taken into consideration and a lot of people from around the world were interested of the game. This time for fans of the popular game shooter chicken, have prepared a special version of Android it continues to introduce most of it to those who are not familiar with this game presents.



  • Awesome gameplay and fun
  • Spectacular lighting effects
  • Despite the increase in power play
  • Has a global leaderboard
  • New daily steps
  • Excellent graphics HD
  • Fight with lovely birds!

Chicken Shooter: Crazy Invader war to control the spaceship and flying displays. In this game you will control the spaceship with the chickens that need to be using your spaceship to destroy the chickens have shot and the one by one to the higher stages and the game is within show if you have should Boss greater efforts to destroy them.

The game will be seen in birds in continuous and simple moving screen which should be to them and try to shoot them one by one from the screen fade to the point that the birds within page has been completed and stage finish. Similarly, there are certain steps that you have taken into account with all the different missions and different achievements that get on there with success. In some missions you will encounter a Boss by that stage we should be more efforts to destroy it.

Play Chicken Shooter: Crazy Invader with stunning HD graphics and excellent design. In this game you will witness the awesome gameplay and fun that can provide many hours of your excess hobbies. If you are looking for fun with the new environment we recommend you do not miss the chicken shooter.


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