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Christmas Adventure v1.1.0 Apk is Available !

Christmas Adventure

Christmas Adventure is another awesome, colorful and passionate game around Christmas adventures with cheerful gameplay that has been designed and released by RunServer for Android smartphones. In this beautiful game, grandpa Lisa and Santa Claus, have asked you to give Christmas gifts to a remote town. Use all your abilities and perform Christmas missions well.

Christmas Adventure


  • Has beautiful hidden objects with Christmas design
  • The ability to discover secret secrets in the jungles
  • Possibility to travel to new towns and attractive places
  • Ability to help Santa Claus in distributing interesting gifts
  • Unique gameplay with christmas design

As said, the Christmas Adventure has an adventure and mindset that should help Grandpa Lisa and Santa Claus to bring gifts to remote cities. He begins driving the old forest to shorten his way, and suddenly his car turns into chocolate. In addition, everything around him is scattered with sweets that are covered with various sweets. You will also check the secrets of the forest and help repair his car so that he can bring gifts at the right time to the city and save Christmas. Beautifully designed hidden objects, in line with a lovely and engaging theme, is undoubtedly fun, and along with its different gameplay with professional space, it has been able to create a new evolution in the game of Hayden Object, and for the clock Explore the minds of you in succession.

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