CITADELS 🏰 Medieval War Strategy with PVP and online gameplay for Android

Citadels is an online strategy game for Android, which has been completely free download on the Google Play for ages 13+. The studio is the maker of Webgames LLC, which has designed one of its finest games.

Citadels is a thrilling game that teaches you the right way to get to the king and teach you how to fight against your enemies. In this game you can access many items for building your village and use powerful forces to build a powerful army that forces to protect you and destroy your enemies.

Download Citadels


  • Possibility to build your own city and expand it with many items
  • Lead your fellows in battle for victory
  • Build and train a powerful army to battle and implement tactics related to war
  • Ability to hire many troops and mercenaries for your army
  • Ability to control fire and ice powers in the game
  • Build a military camp for your army
  • Great and addictive gameplay
  • Great quality sound graphics
  • Compatible with all types of phones and tablets

Introducing the game Citadels

In this fascinating game you can create an army for your attacks and attack your rivals to get the resources you need. The game allows you to upgrade and increase the strength of the forces that you need to access the resources they need to do this. The design and gameplay are designed to captivate any gamer and is undoubtedly one of the finest strategic games.