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Clash of Queens v1.8.44 Apk is Available !

Strategic online game Clash of Queens

Beautiful and engaging strategic gameplay

Studio product Elex Wireless

Clash of Queens most famous Elex Wireless Game Studio Creator famous games such as Clash of Kings is. This game is also known as the Battle of Kings online and you are competing with millions of players from around the world will pay. In the game you can fight with a queen married queens, or to become a queen and anything else that you can do in the game Queen Battle: Battle of Kings is now busy! But remember that anyone become dependent on something they really want to. So now joined thousands of contacts from around the world and get in action!



  • Play along to chat with online players around the world
  • Real-Time System that gives you speed standard practice between the two sides
  • Ability to team up with friends to defeat all enemies
  • The possibility of joining a Athdyh and cooperate with the Union to conquer the kingdom
  • Build the most powerful empire in the territory and upgrade buildings, walls and weapons to stay strong
  • Various training to defeat the evil forces
  • Unlocks all the troops in the barracks to win more trophies
  • Create your dream hero by equipping legendary weapons and first place in competition
  • Embedded Systems Earn coins for free
  • City promotion to higher level directly
  • And many other features

Introduce and review the game Clash of Queens

Although the implementation of strategic games on the Android operating system was a little unbelievable but fortunately we are seeing now and in the past few years saw the release of many games in the genre have been strategic for Android phones. Android strategy games are divided into two categories: online and offline, who are certainly more lovely online games in the genre of strategy games are offline because of the large number of players, as well as real competition (compete with real players from all over world) than the versions is offline.

The beautiful game battle game Clash of Queens, like kings and tribes battle online with a large number of players runs out. Game Battle queens you enter a full-scale war will be a war strategy at a precise and you will have to achieve the desired result.

He Queens Similar games allow you to straw as construction and training that could all lead to the formation of a powerful army and you will enter the battlefield. The game started as a purely academic and a standard process throughout the game in the true sense of strategic style to the audience on the!

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