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Attractive graphics and competitive and online gameplay 
The Finnish company Supercell builds the revolutionary game of Clash of Clans

Nearly 50 million downloads in less than 3 months on Google Play

August 24 update with release on Google Play

Clash of Clans can be considered one of the most revolutionary games not only among mobile games, but also among all video games.The game that has been interrupted by users has somehow been mixed with all the Android and iOS OS smartphones. The game has been produced by Finnish Supercell Company. With the help of this game, Supercell has achieved an incredible value for Royal Chalice, and dozens of top companies in the world are looking to seize the company’s shares. Clash of Clans is undoubtedly the most popular online game today among mobile games.

Supercell has strengthened its credibility by making two other games, Hay Day and Boom Beach . But over the past few years, we have not seen the launch of a new game from the company. Until late 2015, Supercell introduced a new game similar to previous games. The game was called Royal Chalice, and was able to clash with the fans of Clash of Clans in a little bit of time.

Clash Royale Royal Chalice Android

Royal Chills Features:

  • High graphics and great detail in design
  • Fun gameplay in the style of strategic games
  • Inspired by the game Clash of Clans
  • Using the characters and defenses and assault forces of the colossus
  • Two-player online competitive style
  • Real-time gameplay
  • There are hundreds of special forces and trophies
  • Ability to use defensive or attacking forces
  • Ability to upgrade troops in several stages
  • Ability to build strong and armored colonies
  • The ability to create Cologne and Battle Community online
  • Ability to invite friends to double and private competitions
  • There are various attacking and defensive tactics

Introducing and reviewing the Clash Royale game

Clash Royale is the latest version of Supercell after the popular Clash of Clans game. The Royal Chalice has been produced and supplied solely for the sake of the Millions of Colossians. Not only in the naming, but also in the internal content, this game is very similar to the colossus. The use of attacking and defensive forces and even the spells of the clubbing of the clubs in the Royal Chess game are all confirmed.

After reaching the peak of the Clash of Clans in 2013 and 2014, the game dropped to its peak in 2015, with the release of professional gaming from competing companies, many users went to the clones. Hence, Supercell launched and launched a new game in late 2015 to invite players to their games to compete with the game. It should be said that this company has worked very well with this policy. Clash Royale, like Clash of Clans, has a very strong security wall against hackers and intruders, and because of this, there is no hacked version of the game that runs on the main servers. The same high security provided the company with huge revenues.

Royal Chalk game

In the Royal Chalice game you have to create a simple military base and compete in real-time or live competition with your opponent in double-faced competitions. The complexities of the clubhouse are not seen in this game. The whole game is seen in a box like a football field. You are located in the bottom half of this area and have a main tower. Anyone who defeats the opponent’s tower ahead of his opponent is the winner of the competition. You need to focus on both attack and defense in this game.

If you just think of defense, the opponent will have more chance of attacking and will not allow you to attack. And vice versa, if you spend all your resources on attacking forces, you may face heavy attacks in the form of counter-attack and overwhelming attacks. So with this account, the use of strategic power in this game is very important.

Promotion of forces

In Royal Chalice, you can train various attacking forces, such as barbarian soldiers and archeries, and use them to attack buildings and enemy forces. On the other hand, you can also use various defensive defenders that we have seen before in the clubhouse. You must cover your main tower so that your enemy can not easily penetrate it. You can also enjoy the famous spells of Clash of Clans. In Clash Royale, you also have the ability to upgrade your buildings and troops, like the Colossus game. The game Clash Royale is completely online and you need to always install the new version to run it correctly.