Metal Clawbert Clawbert Clawbert

Clawbert is a very fun and entertaining game in the style of children’s play that has been designed by the HyperBeard Studios for Android platforms. In this beautiful game, iodine collecting a variety of toys with a metal gang and find good friends for the main character of the game, which is a single person.



  • Has a simple and suitable interface for children
  • The ability to collect dolls and increase points
  • The presence of rare eggs with beautiful and interesting dolls
  • Simple, lovely graphics with color scheme
  • Ability to reset the game and run a new game with golden eggs
  • Childish gameplay and exciting gameplay in two different worlds

Before anything else, Clawbert has a very simple gameplay, and this time it’s only the younger age group. But without a doubt, with the capabilities of the year, it will attract the look of the grown-ups and can be entertaining. In this game, your only task is to remove coins, eggs, and also diamonds. By removing more coins, you can increase the speed of breaking eggs and on the other hand, use diamonds to reset the game to each time Emptying the device you can enter a new game with golden eggs or hooks full of coins. It also has two different worlds, with which you will be able to liberate the second world.