A powerful and professional Android Clean Master software

With over 500 million downloads from Google Play

Three dedicated versions of Android 4.3 and above, Android 5.0 and above, and Android 6.0

One of the problems that most mobile phone users have is that after a while, they slow down their mobile phone due to the installation of various programs and games on it.

This is a problem with all smartphones and it’s more likely to be found on phones with weaker hardware. One of the ways that can be addressed to some extent with such problems is the use of optimization software that allows users to optimize, clean up redundant files and thus increase the speed of the phone. This time on, we have prepared one of the most powerful and best-selling optimization software called Clean Master.



  • Locking of personal apps
  • Delete similar and duplicate images on your phone
  • Ability to clear unused and unused files
  • Android speed device RAM boost
  • Cooling processor for Android devices
  • Use as powerful and efficient anti-virus
  • Speeding up android games
  • Manage Self-Executable Programs (Need Root)
  • Manage apps installed on your phone
  • Supports dozens of different and common languages

Undoubtedly, the Clean Master program is considered one of the best, and perhaps even the best Android application optimization software, which can be downloaded more than 500 million times from the Google Play site. . This software provides great and great features for users, which we will continue to review.

Full Phone Cleanup

The Clean Master software allows you to clean up any unused files on mobile phones. With this software, you can clear those applications that occupy the RAM of the phone so that the space occupied by the RAM is cleared up, thus increasing the speed of access to various sectors. On the other hand, with the Clean Master, you can also cool down the processor and RAM of the device.

The ability to delete duplicate images on the phone is also another feature of the Clean Master, which will increase the speed of the phone and empty the memory. Managing self-executable programs that run automatically when you turn on the phone will dramatically increase your performance. Of course, to use this feature, your phone must be rooted.

Increase security

This app is also a great way to protect your security. The ability to use Clean Master as a powerful anti-virus to deal with malicious threats is possible. There is also the ability to encrypt on private apps like SMS, Facebook, Viber, WATSAP, Telegram, and so on so that anyone other than yourself has access to these programs.

For those users who play Android games, Clean Master can also be of great use. This software is included in the feature that allows you to improve the power of the handset to enhance the game and make it smoother.