Manage Android Clipboard Manager with Clipboard Manager

Pro version app

As the name suggests, Clipboard Manager is a software to manage the memory of the clipboard, which allows you to fully manage your Android phone’s clipboard memory.



  • Create infinite categories
  • Save infinite notes
  • Automatically save notes from the clipboard
  • Create new notes
  • Auto-clear the default handle
  • Automatic clearing of garbage
  • Search among notes

ClipBoard is one of the main parts of the Android operating system. When you copy a copy to post it to another location, during this time, the clipboard is the memory of the clipboard for storing this post. Once you’ve copied a post, the next post you copy to your mobile phone will change the memory of your clipboard, and the new entry will be inserted. Of course, when the phone is turned off, ClipBoard memory is also cleared.

Clipboard Manager is the name of the software to manage the memory of the clipboard, so you can have full control over this section. With this program, you can view the history of those items previously stored in the clipboard memory. This app gives you very quick access to the notes.