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CM Browser Ad Blocker Fast Download v5.22.21.0027 Apk is Available !

CM Browser – Fast & Secure CM Browser for Android

Very high speed loading web pages

You will need a browser application to open and view webpages on your phone. By default, there are at least one browser on Android phones so users can view different websites. But some users may not be comfortable with using these default browsers, and they will look for another browser that will provide security and also have a higher download speed on the web. If this also applies to you, we recommend using the CM Browser.

CM-Browser --- Fast - & - Secure


  • Extremely high speed web browsing and web browsing
  • Warning you when logging into malicious sites
  • Has a download manager for your downloads
  • Ability to switch between the cache browser
  • An example of security and security
  • An option to store history, cookies and saved passwords
  • Search for text
  • Adjust font size
  • Bookmarks customization
  • Switch between search engines

CM Browser – Fast Secure is a well known and professional browser for uploading and viewing various websites. With this browser you can view Internet pages at a very fast and incredible speed. This powerful browser has a very high security level. As soon as you enter a website that contains malicious and problematic codes, this browser will alert you to avoid entering this website. The browser also has a very small amount of volume, equivalent to approximately 2 megabytes. You can use this browser to quickly access social networks such as Facebook, Insta, Twitter, YouTube, and more on the same home page.


Download files with direct link

Apk without ads – Size: 6.82 MB

Google Play version – Size: 6.06 MB

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