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CM Locker (Secure and Boost) v4.2.7 Apk Download Now !

Lock screen with CM Locker

CM Locker software for Android mobile phone is the screen lock feature in addition to securing your mobile phone and prevent others from accessing it, it can also make you look very attractive and stunning.



  • Take a picture of someone or template for the wrong password several times to enter the phone
  • Increase the speed of mobile phones with the ability to increase battery life
  • Get instant access to new notifications of programs Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Line, WeChat and …
  • Security mode is activated, the ability to hide the content that you want
  • Home with front music controls via push back, starts and stops and …
  • Add custom avatars page where the password is entered
  • Very fast access to the camera and prevent loss of cool moments

CM Locker is a lock screen for Android is very stylish. One interesting feature that is intended for CM Locker lock screen, that can be offenders photography. When someone is trying to access your data model or password you entered is incorrect in this program front-facing camera to automatically take photos of him and it is stored in the phone.

There is also the possibility of increasing the speed of the phone with CM Locker. The lock screen is a widget that you can use on your phone’s home screen. When you click on the widget, your phone is optimized and increase its speed. What does this launcher, close applications and cache left by the various programs that exist in the phone. As well as a series of specific settings to improve the speed of your phone will be carried out.

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