The latest version of Donate is the Android COL Reminder app

All you have to do to do it in the future, tell COL Reminder to remind you to take care of all your tasks in a timely manner and no longer worry about forgetting your work.

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COL Reminder features:

  • Supports 40 different languages ​​like: English, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Korean, Hungarian, Turkish, Czech, Slovak and …
  • Remind me of the calls you are in
  • Remind me of the things you are going to do
  • Reminds the end of car parking hours
  • Remind places where you are
  • Supports MyBackup
  • Has many widgets

The COL Reminder app is an application designed to remind you of your daily activities.

With COL Reminder, you can easily remember the following:

 Do you want to call a specific time? With this program you can remember and get your call.Read Also..

★ You have to have time to get to the cartoon! With this program, you can recall your time and get up to date easily.

★ Do you park your car and park your car? With this app, it’s easy to remember when you need to get out. 

This app supports the MyBackup application, which you can back up your daily activities.