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Color Trail v1.8 Apk is Available !

An intriguing and entertaining Color Trail sequel

Color Trail is the name of a fantastic new game with a unique design and addictive gameplay from the Nanovation Arcade series, designed for Android smartphones. This beautiful and beloved game has been built for over 2 years, with its unmatched and exciting features, inviting you to an unremitting experience. It’s fun and fun to change color permanently in a 3D-based environment at 150 attractive levels.

Color Trail


  • More than 150 challenging stages
  • Simple and unique design
  • It has the ability to permanently change color in the game
  • Strengthening the focus and mental powers of the gamer
  • Enhanced gameplay and 3D graphics
  • Compatible with all types of Android phones

In the Color Trail, players must have accurate reactions to move one block to another block, through a 3-D maze, as well as rotation and jump to avoid collisions with obstacles, as long as possible. In this unique game, if a reaction or movement occurs very soon or too late, the block falls to the side and takes you away from the chance of survival. Therefore, the reaction or rotation of this intellectual game must take place in full swing to ensure progress and climb to the higher stages. It’s worth mentioning that this popular and beautiful game is based on a fast and accurate response and is extremely addictive due to its excitement and unique capabilities.

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