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Combat Squad v0.2.18 Apk is Available !

Combat Squad action game for Android squad fighters

Combat Squad Play Action category Fighters Online is a great game that you can play with your teammates to your pre-defined steps that leave behind. TOP Android for the first time that the release of this game can be a member of the first people to receive this game. Game by Game Studios A-33 Studio Co., Ltd. So far, this game is designed to be able to get 4.7 out of 5 rating and in the shortest time possible for me to record a higher rating. The game is completely free to download from Google Play has been published.

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Features :

  • FPS tactics used in the game
  • Customize the game and control the military elite
  • Ability to decide the method of attack at any stage of the game
  • Strategic use of advanced AI
  • Take new fighting and shooting games
  • Possible to get different weapons and powerful
  • The ability to customize your team
  • Design and game development engine Unreal Engine 4
  • Ability to create teams of 5 people for online campaigns
  • Has 7 different modes to play
  • Compatible with all phones and tablets

About the game Combat Squad

In this shooting game to you as the commander of the forces who must choose your team and use it to enter the game and force the enemy to get killed. The game allows you to create your 5-person teams that can get weapons and their teams for various options or customize them. The game runs in 7 different modes is certainly one of them can be entertained for a long minute. Online games that have stunning graphics for HD, which is also a feature of the game is impressive.

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