Launcher with Windows appearance on the Computer Launcher

Shredded version without ads

Many users like to experience the appearance of Windows on their Android device. Thanks to the Launcher Launcher, this is possible and you can use it to change the appearance of your phone to Microsoft Windows. This launcher will make you look attractive.


  • The app changes the appearance of the phone to a tile like Windows 8
  • Making shortcuts from different apps on the phone screen
  • Convenient navigation for apps
  • Create folders, cut, copy, paste, transfer, share and …
  • Transfer the removed files to the bucket and remove them at another time
  • Supports ZIP files to extract and compress Zip files

Launchers are mainly designed to change the appearance of Android phones. These apps are a great option for those users who are looking for major changes to their phone, so you can see how your phone looks. Computer Launcher is also a stylish and spectacular launcher for the Android operating system, which will allow you to change the appearance of your phone to Microsoft Windows. The launcher can tile the phone’s home screen (exactly the same as Windows 8), each tile showing the apps installed on the phone. You can create shortcuts to any of the programs you want on the home page.